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Private Nursery in Birmingham

Harvey Road Pre-School offers a variety of activities and support to your children. We are dedicated to ensuring your children are entertained and having fun while promoting our values and giving learning opportunities in everything we do.

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Nursery School

9:00am - 3:00pm

Our nursery school offers lots of opportunities for your child to learn, have fun, exercise and explore. We have a great daily routine for our nursery children that includes time for:

  • Free play

  • Storytime

  • Song time

  • And more

Throughout the day we promote healthy eating as well as the British values. We also have days dedicated throughout the week for the children to partake in physical education, using our sports equipment.

We also do Forrest School once a week to allow the children to explore and discover insects, plants and more. We take the children to a local nature area and promote discovery and adventure, this is a really popular activity amongst all of the kids!

Running Students

Before & After School Care

7:30am - 5:45pm

For parents that may need extra support before and after school, we offer care for any primary school children attending the nearby Harvey Road Primary. We are just a short walk away and can accompany your children if needed. 
Our before and after school care children can use the equipment in our nursery, complete homework which we will try our best to help with, or socialise with other children in a relaxed environment. 
Working with your schedule, you can collect your children anytime from them finishing school till our closing time at 5:45 pm. Running a bit late? DOn't worry, get in touch with our team and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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After school care
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Here when you need us!

If you are looking for a placement at the Harvey Road Pre-School in Birmingham, contact us today to secure your place at our private nursery. We accept childcare vouchers and have some free placements for eligible children. If you want a fun and safe environment for your child or children that promotes early learning we are here for you!

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